I have really enjoyed creating this colorful and exciting website, because I know how much you will all appreciate the beautiful illustrations of every cake and pastry in full colour. It is a handy work in progress, as every 'sweet' has a story to tell.... 

Over the years, I have baked and cooked for leisure as well as professionally.  It has been very rewarding. My professional experience taught me that it was vital to be precise in measurements;- after all its chemistry!. So accurate scales and a good set of measuring spoons are essential. On the other hand, Baking at home for leisure is sort of exciting and different - I usually play around with my own ideas, recipes and methods. I use old fashioned simple and elaborate ways of measurements. The results are always honest and very creative. I like that!

With my love for arts and design, I have become very creative in icing cakes and always love a new challenge. I will always be very grateful to my mother for inspiring me at an early age, with simple everyday baking techniques.

Karimi Manners